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Worst Roads in America

  Worst Roads in America for 2012

The Road to the Grand Canyon South Rim is Interstate US 40 and has been a big Problem for many years now for Drivers. 

365,763 drivers this year have chosen Interstate 40 in Arizona the worst Road in America for the five year straight!
Since 2008, Interstate US 40 in Arizona tops the List of Worst Roads in America.
Top Reasons why Interstate U.S. 40 is the worst Road in America.

1. Large potholes in the road over 18 inches deep and lasts for many miles between Flagstaff and Kingman in Arizona. 

2. Dead Road Kill on the Road not for hours or days but for weeks. Dead cattle, horses, deer, elk and other aniamals left in the middle of  Interstate US 40 for weeks.

3.  The US 40 in Arizona is a very Rough very old  uneven Road unsafe to drive  and should of been fixed four years ago!

4. No Road Signs stating Curve Speed Limits and Mountain slope signs.

5. Exits on Interstate US 40 very bad Shape! 

The Road to the Grand Canyon West
where the skywalk is located is a
 20 mile dirt Road in Arizona!

Alfred Balciunas