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Thunder Current Energy

   Positive Thunder Current Energy or PTC Energy will be the next green energy source for mankind. TC Enery will meeting all  of the man's needs of clean electrial energy earth's replacing old dirty mining of oil, gas and coal and becoming the main green energy source for power for the cities of the future.

Controling the flow of manyThunder Bolts can be done!

Just Think about all the energy in the Clouds it is free just needs to be controled and governed properly. To control the direction of a thunder bolt is real and this control is a good thing to do to help the people of the earth live clean. By controling the flow and direct the flow of PTC Enery and to keep the clouds with the cloud power stations over the earth. This New PTC Energy will Create Millions of new jobs with great benefits to mankind. The Clouds will be used one day to Tranfer and storge Mega Power for the Earth's Cities.

This Type of Knowlege will Create the Star Trek Health Mini-Monitors of helping millions of people by lowering their blood pressure with electric PTC Energy Paths with no pills to take from  from Dr's who learned the new PTC Energy Paths of the Human Body and of the Planet. Thus, Millions will be helped in many new ways when we seek to control the thunder from the sky.  Positive Thunder Current Energy from the clouds will create many new Technologies.  

Satillite Space Mega Power Staions will be over the earth near the clouds to control the  Positive Thunder Current Energy from Thunder Bolts from Cloud to Cloud and will replace the old power lines on the land with electrical Fields of flow in the sky to large cities of the Earth.

Tesla Discharge of Energy Current

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