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Top Ten Reasons
Why David Letterman is Missing
on the Late Show on CBS.

10.  David Letterman has a date
with the Hot Sexy Julie Chen
of The Talk Show of ABC
and David Letterman hopes that
this Asian Woman gives
 him a Table Shower, Massage
and a Happy Ending.

9.  David Letterman was laid off CBS
and is looking for work
 at NBC, ABC and FOX.

  8. David Letterman is Helping 
Barbara Walters Spray Paint
Mitt Romney Houses with 
Green Dollar Signs. 

7. David Letterman is chasing
CEO Jamie Dimon all over
New York City with a gun because

David Letterman went to his
JP Morgan Chase Bank and
 saw he had not one penny left  
in his Big Bank Account. 

6. David Letterman went to
 Bogoto, Colombia to hook up
with Pretty Hot Secret Service Escort.
5. David Letterman is
playing Hooking with
Matthew Broderick's 
New 2012 Honda CR-V
 in Chicago driving on the
North Avenue Beach next to
North Lake Shore Drive and
diving it right
into Lake Michigan.  

4. David Letterman is spenting
the Day with Graig Ferguson
Playing Paint Balls
in California
 inside Jay Leno's
500 Car Garage.

3. David Letterman got robbed
 at the Movies by three Men in Black
 who were Aliens from
Planet G, Republic of Wadiva,
and C. E. O. Jamie Dimon of J.P.Morgan Chase.

2. David Letterman Won the Powerball.
David Letterman always played twice a week
for 50 years and never won a dime. 
David Letterman is hanging out
with Charlie Sheen now
in New York City at a Strip Club
drinking Beer and Yelling Winning.
David Letterman got 3 of 6 numbers
 for seven bucks minus two for the ticket. 
 Yes, David Letterman won
bucks after 50 years of Playing PowerBall.

1. David Letterman is Flying
to Las Vegas  for Entertainment
 on Jet Blue Airlines.
David Letterman wants to see
the Jet Blue Crew Pilot
run up and down the Plane
with Funny Lines.

Written By
Alfred W. Balciunas
Cat Drivers Website

Top Ten Reasons
David Letterman Runs
across the Stage
 before the Late Night Show begins.

10. David Letterman is trying to lose weight,
so his writers can keep doing jokes
about fat people.

9. David Letterman thinks in his mind
 that he is being chase by
 the ghost of Mike Wallace for
 Mike's last interview
for CBS 60 Minutes Show.

8. David Letterman is day dreaming
about being chase by 
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
because he thinks
 he is still young and sexy
 with his new hair piece.  

7. David Letterman is really
 running from a New York City Rat
 on the Stage who works for CBS.

6. David Letterman thinks
that Regis is chasing
him to join the
 Live with Kelly Show.  

5. David Letterman Really thinks he can run
 a New York City Marathon
without dropping death
before the finish line
with his new heart.

4. David Letterman is losing his mind
and thinks that he is being chase
by Jay Leno and Oprah who both 
have C-4 Plastic Exposives
 around their body.
3. David Letterman is thinking
 about getting shot in the head
 because he is thinking about
 Dick Cheney Last hunting accident
 as he passes the green room.
 David Letterman thinks that
 Dick Cheney is always cleaning
his shot guns in the green room
before each show.  

2. David Letterman is really running
 from the writers of the
 Late Show With David Letterman
who are showing him the
same poor jokes he has
to tell tonight on the show.

1. David Letterman is running
because he thinks the show will end sooner
so he can fly to Las Vegas
and see the Craig Ferguson
 at Aces of Comedy Club at the Mirage.  

Written by
Mr. Alfred W. Balciunas