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Rare Sapphire Meteorite

Lord of Rings Sapphire Meteorite

The shining diamonds in the center of the Lord of the Rings of the Sapphire Meteorite are light rays from of a holographic image of a Alien playing a musical field of laser lights shaped as a 3 D harp in a cone shape like a horn. This image of a Alien using fingers to adjust the beams of light to set of different colors and light waves through the top of this musical laser device to sent out fireworks at the top which is seen by the human eye as diamonds within this Lord of the Rings Sapphire Meteorite.  The Power source of this Sapphire Meteorite is solar but yet the image must be seem in total darkness.

A rare deep blue Sapphire Meteorite found near the famous RockStar Chaoite Red Diamond Lonsdaleite Meteorite ( )is being name as the Lord of the Rings Sapphire. This name comes from a tiny flaw which looks a golden ring made of diamonds moving inside the Sapphire.  Most Sapphires have Star Outside and not a ring inside. The Tiny Golden Ring of Diamonds seem to change from 3 to 5 rows (about 2-3 mm)and from 50 to 80 diamonds (about 5-7mm) when you look at it in the sun. When you look at this Lord of Rings Sapphire it looks like the Ring in side is slowing down to look back at you! It is very strange to look at almost if you were looking in at a mirror into your own eyes strange kind of power. This sounds abit crazy but what if this ring is a high tech camera with laser and when you look at it, it is really looking back at from a another world! This Lord of the Rings Sapphire is a Deep Blue Crystal Ball.   

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