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Rare Diamond Meteorite

Rare Red Diamond Lonsdaleite with Meteorite Found in Nevada Desert 

A Red Diamond from Space with Tungsten and Alien Metal is Creating More questions about how this Rock Star Meteorite got here on earth in the first place. Expert Scientist broadly agree that the scientific method of research focuses on restricted comprehensive realms of acquire knowledge from the Red Diamond.  A Red Diamond Lonsdaleite Chaoite Rock Star Meteorite from another Planet with Drawing and a map of  Many Solar Systems was found by a Nevada man. This Rock Star Gem Meteorite is the greatest find of mankind and is Top Secret due to National Defense.  NASA was searching for this Meteorite for weeks since this was the most important Meteorite in our lifetime since July 2012. The rarest Rock Star Meteorite on this earth at the meteorite crater which travel over 24,000 years to come to the earth and is the best proof of Aliens ever found on the Earth. The Rock Star Meteorite has this drawing of an Alien with Map of Three Solar Sytems on this Diamond.  The  Drawing of the Alien has a human like body a larger head and longer thiner hands with fingers and a thumb. The Head  had Two Eyes was more Asian type and was Alien or unhuman with 45 Degree V Angle.  The Right Hand is up like a Stop Sign Signal or Wave. The Left Hand point at this Map of at Least Three Solar Systems with Many Planets. The End of the Map is the Last Solar System. The Center Planet in the Solar System is the last image. This Planet is larger than all the other Planets in the Three Solar Systems and inside this Planet is a Drawing of a  Berry or some type of Fruit.    This Rare Chaoite Red Lonsdaleite Diamond Meteorite was a stone from outer space with a return address on it.  Kind of like a bottle throw into the ocean of space.  No diamond tools on earth have been Strong enough to cut or to scrape the Rock Star Sister Meteorites found near the Rock Star Meteorite (10.5 Mohs scale).  The Super Metals like Tungsten found near the Rock Star Meteorite is believed to be parts of a Spacecraft from Another Solar System in Space that NASA did not find but was looking for in 2012 that carried these Rock Star Rocks. 

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Rock Star Meteorite
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