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David Guetta on Sunday Night May 24, 2015 this Memorial Day Weekend set an Record Attendance at the XS Nightclub which was over 11 Thousand 4 Hundred at the Encore in Las Vegas. David Guetta gave the Largest Crowd in XS Nightclub History the best fun time of their Memorial Day Weekend Party. David Guetta is rated the Best in the World by CAT DRIVERS. David Guetta Plans to return to Las Vegas for Labor Day Weekend 2015 and Labor Day is Monday, Sept. 7, 2015 so make plans to come to Las Vegas to see David Guetta and have have fun at XS Nightclub on Labor Day Weekend 2015.  



Cat Drivers share the Secrets of Las Vegas to the World like the Electro Echo Ellipse Energy of the Galaxy to the Nano Nucleus Life Beyond the Trimetaspere from the Las Vegas Freeway Website Electro Echo Ellipse Energy will be one of six new industries in 5 to 10 years which will create Millions of  High Tech Jobs Worldwide.  Electro Echo Ellipse Energy will make your Computer 12 million times faster. It will get you the power to down load every book ever written, every music video ever made and every  movie ever made into your Crystal Carbon Computer.   I-11 Should be the first Solar Power Interstate Highway in the United States of America and in the World! 

The very best of travel websites over the years are listed here by rated and ranked by Cat Drivers. This is the Best of the Best in Travel Websites Rated and Ranked by over 40 Million Worldwide Travelers to Las Vegas.
Top World Travel Websites in 2015

Many Gold Nuggets were found in the Victorian Gold Rush Era of the 1850's that were larger than the Hand of Faith Gold Nugget that were Melted down for money. 
The Hand of Faith Gold Nugget was found by Kevin Hillier using a metal detector near Kingower, Victoria, in Australia on September 26, 1980. It is the World's Largest Fine Gold Nugget weighting 874.82 Gold Troy Ounces or 72 Troy Pounds 11 Troy Ounces and worth over 1.5 Million Dollars. Kevin found this great Gold Nugget 26 inches below the ground at his modest trailer home in Victoria, Australia.  It was Sold to the Gold Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, NV. and is on display to the public 24 hours 7 days a week for free today in Downtown Las Vegas.

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Just a Few Years ago Element Atomic Number 95 Metal Americium was very rarely used and now it is in every home. You may not have Silver or Gold in your home but you do have Americium Metal in your home to save your life if your house burns. 



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